Bloom was the final name given to this thermostat design. As a design focused on a "greener" and more energy efficient usage of one's heating system, this name convokes an association with nature and a hopeful perspective on things to come.
 Users who wish to set a temperature in their homes simply create two points on the touch screen designating when they want this temperature to begin and end and then drag upwards to the desired temperature.
 Bloom will alert the user when they are setting a temperature that is either too hot or too cold to be energy efficient in the current weather. This will help users to make informed decisions as they set their thermostat on the go. 
 Tapping the House icon will bring out a dropdown menu with access to the other tools on the thermostat.
 The Scheduling page will allow users to build week long thermostat schedules that will run automatically without further input needed by the users. This is helpful for users who live consistent schedules and do not wish to be constantly interacting with their thermostats. 
 The Financial page will allow the user to not only see previous energy bills in a timeline, but also to see what their current bill is at before they receive it. One can use this page to make informed decisions for the rest of the month and ultimately save more money and use less energy in the future.
 The mobile page would allow users to sync their device or Tablet app with a mobile phone. Users can then access their thermostats remotely, allowing more flexible temperature control and more extensive access to their thermostats. 
 Above are a set of weather icons that would appear next to the outdoor temperatures.
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